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Decision Engine is a web application that provides access to data extracted from online chatter about consumer decisions. For this section, I designed and implemented an interactive dashboard, a page for website metics, and a multifaceted query builder that allows users to filter the various analytics for a given product over time, and to allow for rapid comparison to similar products in the market.

As a Frontend Engineer and designer my responsibilities included prototyping wireframes, designing the user interface and social assets, creating a style guide, web optimizations, and responsive design. The site is built with HTML5, LESS, HighCharts, and Django/Python Framework.

Below is a screenshot of dEngine's analytics dashboard for adderall, which displays the product's conversion rate, competition and market information. (All information is dummy data for legal reasons.)


Below is a screenshot of dEngine's 'Websites' page which gives information on what sites produce the most chatter for a given drug, as well as what topics are most frequently discussed. The graph is built with Highcharts and the tables use django-tables-2.


dEngine also provides a multi-faceted search interface enabling users to drill down into the data. The user is able to edit, append, and clear their queries while building.