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SECUR1TY is a web platform that enables businesses to detect vulnerabilities and find security experts. It provides a quick way to find security advice and solutions, through a vertical search engine, Q&A forum, and security assessment tools. It also enables users to screen, engage and transact with a professional network of over 2,000 vetted experts around the world.

As a Frontend Engineer and designer my responsibilities included prototyping wireframes, designing the user interface and social assets, creating a style guide, web optimizations, consuming the SECUR1TY API, and responsive design.

The site is built with HTML5, LESS, d3, and Django/Python Framework.

dengine-dashboard filter-dashboard

Below is a screenshot of SECUR1TY's dashboard and sitescan report which provides information on vulnerable packages and ways to mitigate the issues. I implemented graphs using d3 and animations using two.js.

filter-dashboard dengine-dashboard

I also built a Product Hunt like posting board that enables users to post relevant security articles, upvote posts they like, and leave comments.